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Pile Gate

About Pile Gate

There are five passages through the walls of Dubrovnik, but the main one is the western Pile Gate. Access from the sea on this side is defended by the fortresses of Lovrijenac and Bokar. Construction of the bridge that must be crossed to the gate was started in 1397 by Ivan of Siena. At first it was just a simple stone bridge with a single arch and stone benches. In 1471, three arches were built thanks to Paskoje Miličević. This famous architect designed many other buildings in Dubrovnik. The last phase of the building of Pile Gate was from 1533 till 1537 when it was rebuilt and heavy wooden doors were added. During the time of the Republic of Ragusa the doors were closed every night. Above the gate is a statue of the city patron St Blaise, whose figure appears at every town gate.

In King’s Landing the Pile Gate is a location used in Season 2 where the Lannisters wait by the shore to say farewell to Princess Myrcella. The Pile Gate is also the scene of the stone dock where Sansa and Shae are later watching ships in the Season 3 premiere “ValarDohaeris” when Littlefinger comes to talk to Sansa.